MIAJWL needs to be handled with care.

Here are some simple tips to keep your jewellery looking its best.
Stainless steel jewellery with or without stones
- Avoid rough handling, shocks and constant frictions.
- Clean your jewellery regularly with our jewellery cleaner.

Stainless steel jewellery, PVD plated and with or without stones
- Avoid rough handling, shocks and constant frictions.
- Avoid contact with water, perfume, home cleaning products and the likes.
- Avoid dampness and high temperature.
- Clean your jewellery regularly with our jewellery cleaner.

Store your MIAJWL items in the MIAJWL box or pouch.
To keep the beauty and sparkle of your jewellery, use our jewellery cleaner.

MIAJWL Australia recommends that you:
- Disinfect your earrings before wearing them the first time.
- Do not tighten your stud earrings too much to prevent any pressure on your earlobes and allow air to flow through the channel.
- Handle your earrings with clean hands.
- Clean your earrings every 2-4 weeks with our jewellery cleaner.
- Clean your earrings every week if you wear them every day.
- Remove earrings at bedtime if possible, so that the channel is exposed to air at night.

We are reacheable at info@miajwl.com.au for any further queries.